Grace’s sneaker pointe! Do your own ‘sneaker pointe’ and win free tickets to FAME HIGH!

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Do you think you can ‘sneaker pointe’ like Grace? Want to win two free tickets to a screening of FAME HIGH in either NYC or LA or a signed dvd and poster?

Here’s what you do:

1. Just LIKE the FAME HIGH page on FACEBOOK
2. Post a video of you doing your (less than 60 second) version of ‘sneaker pointe’ on the FAME HIGH page saying “I’m from _________ (your school/org) and I want to enter the contest to win either two tickets to (choose NY or LA) or a signed dvd and poster.

Grace will pick the winners. We will announce winners for NY by Thursday 6/6 and LA and dvd/poster on Thursday 6/13.


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